Grooming Services


We have chosen only high-quality show line products to use on your pet.

We use Chris Christensen Smart Wash hydrating blend shampoo. Then, we use Chris Christensen Day to Day moisturizing conditioner. This pet shampoo and conditioning system helps retain a healthy moisture balance in the coat while removing oil, debris and allergens. We have also added Chris Christensen Clean Start clarifying shampoo. This shampoo works great to remove oil and buildup on your pet’s coat before their second bath.

Professional Shampoos

For all of our pets, we use Kelco Puppy Tears shampoo around their faces. This hypoallergenic shampoo is extremely mild for sensitive skin and around eyes. It is also a great option for baths on puppies or pets with sensitive skin.

For our larger, double-coated breeds, we use Best Shot 3-Step System to reduce shedding, leaving your pet feeling beautiful and soft. First, we start with Ultra Wash shampoo – this hypoallergenic shampoo reduces shedding and is safe for all skin types. For step two, we use Best Shot Dirty Plenish conditioner. This protein-enriched conditioner helps de-mat and loosen stubborn undercoat and makes your pet silky soft. In step three, we use Best Shot Ultra Vitalizing mist. This leave-in spray locks in shine and helps keep your pet smelling cleaner for longer.

Professional Pet Shampoo

If you are unsure about what style you would like, or how to maintain your pet’s coat – please ask one of our groomers, and we would be happy to assist you. Each breed has a different coat type, and some will need more grooming than others.

Having trouble with matted fur? No problem. One of our groomers will take the time to show you, hands-on, what tools and brushing techniques you can use at home to keep your pet from getting unwanted mats. We will also give you our recommendation on how often your pet should be groomed, as well as set up a regular schedule for your pet’s personal grooming needs.

We encourage you to come by to meet our groomers and take a tour of our salon. Our staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have about our services or products.

If you have any questions about pricing or availability, please don’t hesitate to call us!